Whats on in Brentwood

Brentwood Park is free!

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Things to do in Brentwood

Brentwood is home to some natural and beautiful wildlife and nature walk area’s as well as a top notch town centre and high street. Some of country side being in very close proximity to the town. This is why you really get the benefits of both worlds in Brentwood, you can go on nature hikes, visit farms and go to wildlife sanctuary’s but also do things like snowboarding and skiing, go around obstacle courses and have some of the most delicious food at some 5 star restaurants. They are all just down the road from each other. It really does cater for all different types of needs, you will struggle to find yourself with nothing to do. Brentwood became quite popular after the TV show “The Only Way Is Essex”, since then shops and boutiques have really been on a rise and more and more people want to visit this Essex town.


Brentwood Shopping

Brentwood has seen a huge increase in shopping in recent years, privately owned shops and boutiques have been sprouting up everywhere and they are a big hit with the locals. They don’t stock your everyday run in the mill items, they have a lot of homemade and exclusive stock that you wouldn’t find anywhere else. In the heart of the town there is a lovely shopping centre stocked with cafe’s and all sorts of different retailers for a lovely day out shopping.


Eating Out

Eating out in Brentwood is one of the toughest things you will have to do, making the decision of where to go or what kind of food to eat will have you spoilt for choice. They have restaurant upon restaurant of as many different cuisines that you could think of. But if you don’t fancy going out and want to have dinner ordered in then don’t worry, you are more than covered in the takeaway and delivery department with food ranging from pizza and kebabs to Indian or Chinese Brentwood will not fail to settle your taste buds.